Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Saturday!
I got so excited to find pics of my grandchildren that I had to post them. Thank You for sharing them with me. I traveled to my daughter's house today. It is near Jackson Hole Wyoming. She is going to start eating because she wants to lose some weight, get healthy and earn another stream of income.

I have been in network marketing for 6 years. I graduated from Illinois State University in 1991. I was 35 years old and couldn't wait to earn "a lot" of many in the corporate world. That world is NOT very friendly, especially when you have an invisible disability. I am 50 percent blind and have a difficult time reading close-up work. I was promised a JOB with a huge corporation and when they found out that I couldn't read actuarial charts at a fast speed, the company's HR director said "this company will NOT listen to the government and spend millions of dollars in making this place handicapped accessible!". I was informed that I did not pass the speed test. Discrimination occurs often especially when a person is not visibly disabled. I finally was hired as an Executive Outside Sales Rep, where I became the 5th highest earner in national cellular company. I have the numerous awards to prove it. I earned as much as a MD. After 3 years, my disability landed me in the hospital and the company fired me! My manager had wanted my job. Firing someone because of their disability is illegal. I sued this company and after a 6 year battle in the courts, I decided to settle. The settlement paid off all of my bills (hospital, doctors and creditors)and the rest of my money paid the LAWYERS! I had given all of my POWER to the cellular company. I was earning 6 figures, had great insurance, profit sharing and more. I lost it all in 1 day. No one was going to ruin my life another time. My children suffered because we lost everything!
I was "fired" just one week before the company would have had to pay me $5,000 per month until retirement. My insurance was gone.

I never did lose the dream of being independent and free of this world system. I was not going to become another statistic of discrimination. So, I started working in network marketing. The Lord guided me to the RIGHT person and the Right place. The company I joined met the criteria for a good, stable company. The cost to open my business was less than $50.00. After 6 months, I had recruited 147 people into my business and won "Dream Team" for my company. 6 years later, even though I haven't worked the business actively for 5 years, I still receive my monthly residual checks that pay my house payment car payment and other incidentals.

I can take vacation and still get paid. No, I am not a millionaire yet, but I can be and I will assist my team with their goals. No one can fire me now because of disability. Chiari, Tethered Cord, Syringomyelia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome ARE invisible but I was slowly deteriorating. (Update: I had surgery at )

Network marketing is everything I thought it would be. Your success depends on your commitment and your company. There are so many money scams and ponzi scams on the internet. Do your due dilliagence and research the company.

Well, I will continue this tomorrow. Please, if you want information, don't hesitate to contact me.

Blessings, Linda Covert

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