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Part Three: Parallels between state spending and suicide rates in Idaho - KPVI News 6 - Pocatello, ID

Part Three: Parallels between state spending and suicide rates in Idaho - KPVI News 6 - Pocatello, ID

Part Three: Parallels between state spending and suicide rates in Idaho - KPVI News 6 - Pocatello, ID

Part Three: Parallels between state spending and suicide rates in Idaho - KPVI News 6 - Pocatello, ID

No TBI support for those of us that are stuck in Pocatello Idaho

Hi,I joined this group, because w.e (Idaho) does not have ANY sort of support group. I suffered severe hypoxia when I was 17 and also traumatic hits to the head.  I have had 5 brain surgeries and I still am here.  I look completely FINE, but my brain is rewired.  People say I am a miracle, but I am a recluse.  No one close understands.  When I speak about having TBI, they tell me it is an excuse.  I did not breathe for almost 15 minutes back in 1974, I had aspirated my stomach contents and had no brain stem activity for 12 hours.  My parent's had planned my funeral.  Throughout my life, I got married, had 3 kids and now I am a grandmother.  Now that my kids are grown and out of the house, I am alone.  Our state is ranked 47 for mental health care, we don't even have a neurologist for a community of 50,000.  I have a PV shunt in my brain and I was life flighted to Utah, where I begged for surgery (inter cranial pressure), but the triage assessed me as a psych patient and put me on the back burner.  

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Raw Milk--Protects Your Heart

How milk and cheese protect the heart

More mainstream lies are being put out to pasture -- because a new study proves that the fatty dairy foods you've been told to avoid are actually good for you.

The Swedish study found that people who eat the most dairy fats have the lowest heart risk -- especially women, who can slash their odds of a heart attack by more than a quarter by simply enjoying more delicious milk and cheese.

Sound familiar? If you're a Dose reader it does -- because I've never been afraid of dairy fats, and I'll tell you the best way to get yours in a moment.

But if you've fallen for the old bait-and-switch at the supermarket and traded in real dairy for skim milk and soy cheese, the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows what you've been missing.

Researchers recruited 1,000 volunteers -- 446 heart attack patients, and 556 who were healthy -- and tested them for pentadecanoic acid and heptadecanoic acid, two biomarkers of milk fats.

Don't worry about pronouncing those names, just make sure you get them in your body -- because the researchers found that women with the highest levels had the lowest heart risk: They were 26 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack. Men enjoyed a 9 percent drop in heart risk.

Still feel like nibbling on that low-fat cheese stick?

But don't rush off to swap your skim for whole just yet. If you REALLY want the benefits of dairy fats, you'll need to skip the supermarket altogether and go right to the source -- because nothing packs the pure nutritional punch of farm-fresh raw milk.

Raw milk contains the highest levels of absorbable calcium, essential fatty acids and critical nutrients like vitamins B12 and B6. It also tastes a heck of a lot better than that watered down factory garbage.

The only problem is getting it: Big Dairy has blocked any move at making raw milk accessible. Every state has different laws regarding raw milk. Your best option is to call your local dairy farm -- you may need to speak in code, but they can probably help you out.

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The Girls

I have a beautiful family!

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2010 is an ELECTION YEAR!

Retribution is less than 9 months away !

Read this and remember the elections in November 2010.
1. U...S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises.

2. They voted to NOT give you a S.S. Cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011.

3. Your Medicare premiums will
go up $285.60 for the 2-years

4. You will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr.

5. Your total 2-yr loss and cost
is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and

6. Over these same 2-years each Congress person will get an additional $10,000
7. Do you feel SCREWED YET?

8. Will they have your cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes - food, etc.,
decrease? NO WAY!!.
Congress and all Federal Employees received a raise and have better health
and retirement benefits than you or I will ever have

Why should they care about you ?

You never did anything about it in the past.

They think you are too stupid or don't
Do you really think that Nancy, Harry, Chris, Charlie, Barnie, et al, care about you ?
Send this Donald Trump message to those individuals
--- “YOU'RE FIRED !”

In 2010 you will have a chance to get rid of the sitting Congress: up to 1/3 of the Senate and 100% of the House !
Make sure you're still mad in November 2010 and remind their replacements not to screw-up..

It is OK to forward this to your sphere of influence if you are finally tired of the abuse. Maybe it's time for the 28th Amendment to the Constitution:

28th Amendment should be as follows:

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that
does not apply equally to the Senators and Representatives, and Congress
shall make no law that applies to the Senators and Representatives that does
not apply equally to the citizens of the United
States ...."

Let's get this passed around, folks - these people in Washington have
brought this upon themselves! It's time for retribution. Let's
take back America ..

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Melanoma Awareness at the TOP of My List Today!

Well, if you have checked out my blog lately, you most likely know that I had a melanoma removed. I received the pathology report with GREAT news, CLEAN margins!

I personally know 4 people that have had melanoma removed this year. I was visiting with my dentist today and I showed him where the doctor found the melanoma. He told me about our local junior high principal. He is 44 years old and had a mole on his forearm which proved to be melanoma. This was at the beginning of this year. In just 6 weeks I was told that he has only a couple more weeks left to live and that he has lost all of his body fat.

Melanoma is DEADLY! It was a miracle that my doctor noticed the little black spot on my back. My son had his moles mapped at Huntsman Cancer institute. Pictures were taken of the moles to use as a comparison in 6 months.

Melanoma is curable! You just need to become aware and educated about melanoma. I remember having a blistering sunburn when I was 14. Most of the melanoma is caused by sunburns when we were little kids. I remember using baby oil to tan.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spraytanning Is Marvelous

I received the first laser tan machine (patented) and coupled with the best organic tanning spray, my husband Chad tanned me beautifully yesterday. No more dangerous tanning beds for me! Contact me with your tanning needs! We will hook you up!

Super Spice Secrets: Can This Miracle Spice Stop Cancer, Alzheimer's and Arthritis?

Super Spice Secrets: Can This Miracle Spice Stop Cancer, Alzheimer's and Arthritis?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Boy, A Wonderful Tan in the Depth of Winter

If you read my blog at all, I am a Melanoma survivor who loves to sport a tan. Thanks to a newly patented Laser Spray Tan Applicator and the best organic tanning liquid, I now can tan GUILT FREE!

Details and Pictures will be forth-coming!

Have A Wonderful Weekend!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nice Visit to Mayo Clinic and Scottsdale

Surprise! I was shocked when I heard my Doctor at Mayo Clinic say "you have a melanoma"! I had no idea that I even had a spot in the middle of my back. The doctor said it had not invaded the whole dermis. So, I came home to Idaho and called the Huntsmann Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City. Initially, I called a local dermatologist and the nurse said the PA would most likely remove the spot. No Way! I had a friend who's doctor scraped her father's mole from his neck and he was dead in 2 months.
The reason I am posting this is I feel it was a miracle that Steven Ressler M.D., payed attention to the small spot when he was listening to my heart. The spot was flat, the size of a pencil eraser, black and had irregular boarders.
Melanoma is at an all time high in women between the ages of 25 and 35 according to Huntsmann Cancer Institute.

It is better to be safe than sorry!

Dr. Glen Bowen at the Huntsmann Institute is the BEST and I appreciate his kindness, sense of humor and his genius! Thank You Glen Beck for introducing Jon Huntsmann to the viewing audience. I am still amazed at how wonderfully I was treated.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Real Blessing!

Happy New Year a few weeks late. I have finally found a niche that will help others and me also. I have had so many traumatic things that have happened in my life. I recently have gone through a very painful bout of inflammatory arthritis. Mayo Clinic physicians have said that my blood tests hat indicate painful RA have returned negative. So at this time I am pain free but I am experiencing the negative side effects of prednisone. I am also taking plaquenil that should burn out the arthritis. It is wonderful to have the inflammation dissipate. Prednisone is not a long term treatment because it causes havoc on the bones and body.

Please check out the website, I am going through certification so that it will allow me to create laughter clubs all through Idaho. Exciting! My passion in life is to help people. Laughter has been scientifically proven to lower risk of heart attack by 50% and release natural chemicals in the system that cause relaxation Please watch It is so exciting to find out that I can make people laugh with very little effort.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Update: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, BIG MISTAKE!

Happy New Year 2010

An update to my previous post about how I believed RIC (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) would help me get my life back!
Well, the joke is on anybody that believes in marketing, fancy websites and celebrity spokesmen.

I suffer panic attacks when I even think about the horrible experience with the institution. They are pegged as the #1 rehabilitation facility in the U.S. Yes, on paper but in fact, the opposite is true. The whole experience reminded me of what horror stories the disabled encounter on hidden cameras, behind the door 20/20, Primetime and other watchdog groups.

Since this is New Years day, I don't wish to expound on the nightmarish experience because in so doing, I would have to take a Xanax.

I have an appointment at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona next week. They are organized and kind when consulting me over the phone. RIC's employees were very disorganized prior to my appointment in Chicago. Their phone skills were unprofessional and rude.

Remember, I recommended that anyone with a disability should consider RIC to get their life back together! NO! DON'T!

They don't even follow HIPPA guidelines!

Enough! I will keep you aprised of my experiences with Mayo's. They have a TRACK record! Be blessed with good health!

First Lady requires more than twenty attendants

First Lady requires more than twenty attendants