Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Day,
Don't forget to take care of your health.  I just realized today that I haven't followed my surgeon's directions.  I was supposed to have 4 MRI's last November.  AI had Tethered cord surgery.  If you want to watch something awesome go to and click on the gentleman at the bottom left of that page.  Prior to the surgery, I was losing control of my legs, having neuropathy (burning of skin),headaches, tightness in chest, headaches and unsteadiness.  I am so blessed to have had the best surgeons and the pioneers of this surgery.  So many people have tethered cord.  The symptoms are usually misdiagnosed by physicians.
I have met so many tethered cord patients and chiari patients that have been diagnosed with mental illness (all in your head), multiple sclerosis, arthritis, aging and more.  
  The common symptoms are depression, headaches, bladder and rectal control issues, neuropathy, looseness of joints, lower back pain and loss of coordination.  OK, now that I have had my surgery, I need to go to physical therapy, eat healthy and have my MRI's.  Sometimes I spend too much time on the computer and neglect my physical needs.  In order to enjoy this business I am building, I have to have my health so I can enjoy success.  The same holds true for everyone! 
God Bless, Linda Covert

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