Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do You Have An Answer to The World's Problem's?

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  1. I was tired last night when I posted the question above. I truly believe the song "I am starting with the man/woman in the mirror. I'm asking him to make a change". I guess this is referencing MJ's song, but actually it is in God's Word, the Bible. When you look at others character flaws, we usually possess the same character flaw to a worse degree. We, are to ask God to rid us of that character defect and then we will be able to help that person we were judging in LOVE.

    In 12 step programs (Alcoholics Annonymous), on of the steps is to write down a list of our shortcomings, basically to admit them to another person (confess your sins to one another that ye may be healed). Only with God, can we overcome those shortcomings (example: drinking). When we are set free from the demons of what so easily besets us, we are then able to help our brother/sister in a clear and loving way, instead of judgement.
    So, I am asking God to make a change in me, so that I can make a good difference in "Today"!
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