Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Without The Computer

I received some bad news today. No, everybody is well. My daughter's laptop crashed! She and her husband Brady had so many beautiful pictures on that hard drive (fortunately he had downloaded many of the jpg's onto flash drives).

I have most of their pictures because I uploaded his jpg's to my on-line Picasa (I love Google). I suggested that he sign up for a Google Account and use Picasa.

My daughter has a set of twin girls, Abigail Lily and Isabelle Renee. My son has a daughter, Cienna Skye. They are gorgeous and constantly changing. Armed with a Canon Digital Camera, the girls are an object of obsession.

The moral of this story? Brady and Michelle are upset about the pictures that were lost due to technology breakdown. The pictures that do remain should be made into hard copy and placed in an album. I was born in the late 50's and I have only a few pictures of my childhood that I cherish. Camera's were expensive, film was often over exposed and crummy pics were thrown away. Who needs all of those freeze frames anyway. One great pictures will keep the picture of our loved one fresh in our minds. One good tru chocolate is better than 100 pieces of a mediocre chocolate.

It's late. Have a great weekend.
Linda Covert

Have a Great Weekend,
Linda Covert

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